With Elite Luxury, Vivek Sharma Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Being Successful and Having a Matching Lifestyle

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | September 21, 2022 | People Sponsored Post


People love success stories, tales of entrepreneurs who made it thanks to their wits, tenacity, and unflinching focus on the goal ahead. Those kinds of people are lionized to the point of even becoming celebrities in their own right, or at the very least finding a following among those who share their goals for business success. However, things aren’t always the way they seem. Even though there’s a general understanding of what it takes to be successful, what exactly gets sacrificed to achieve that level of success often escapes the attention of the spectators.

Vivek Sharma saw this firsthand, both as an entrepreneur who built a successful business — Elite Bricks — and by being in touch with people who themselves were climbing the ladders of success. “There’s much in the entrepreneur’s lifestyle that can be optimized,” says Vivek Sharma. “After some brainstorming with my business partner, we decided that a luxury concierge service with added benefits could help successful individuals have lifestyles that match their success.”

That’s how the idea of Elite Luxury was born. Devised as a luxury virtual assistant service, Elite Luxury will be able to help its clients in several different ways. Having a virtual assistant will free people from having to perform certain activities on their own. Some administrative, menial or logistical tasks that can be delegated will fall under the purview of the Elite Luxury VA, so the service will be able to help with anything from arranging traveling plans to finding landscaping or home maintenance services. That’s the time-saving aspect that will also free entrepreneurs from having to split their focus across multiple tasks.

The next level of Elite Luxury’s service is helpful through its ability to secure other types of luxury services. Because Elite Luxury aims to work with a clientele that might require, for example, to hire a private jet or other organize a trip out of town where they’ll have the services of a driver available around the clock, it will seek out service providers in those areas willing to strike deals to ensure the best possible service. When their clients require an air taxi, an Elite Luxury Virtual Assistant should know exactly who to call.

Not to be underestimated, Elite Luxury also plans to provide good deals for the services it books for the clients. That’s one of the possible benefits of working with a client base of successful entrepreneurs — access to their patronage can be used to leverage service providers into offering their most competitive quotes.

While the company plans to start offering Elite Luxury VA services in the United States initially, they also plan to eventually expand to a more global market. “We want to create the worldwide standard for luxury virtual assistants that every successful business person will see the need for in their businesses,” says Vivek Sharma. “Entrepreneurs in Shanghai face the same issues as entrepreneurs in L.A. Everyone wants a lifestyle to match their success and they want their time to be spent as efficiently as possible.”

That’s not the end to Vivek Sharma’s plans for Elite Luxury, either. Down the line, he sees the company becoming a community, something businesspeople can strive for and that might become a point of pride for them. “Elite Luxury is a project designed to elevate their worth to the next level,” concludes Sharma. “Our ambitions are high for the value we provide to our clients, but we believe the service we provide can match that. We’re building a service we’d want to use ourselves.”

Photography by: Courtesy of Elite Luxury