Tiffany & Co. Fêtes a Big Birthday

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1 - Tiffany & Co. Fêtes a Big Birthday
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Oval tsavorite ring with a border of yellow diamonds ($95,000), oval kunzite ring ($9,700), cushion-cut morganite ring ($18,000), and oval tanzanite ring ($35,000), all by Tiffany & Co. Crystals, CityCenter, 702-545-9090

Tiffany & Co. may be known for its signature blue, but the jeweler’s 175th anniversary is all about a luscious green, a dazzling bluish-purple, and an exquisite lilac-tinged pink. This month Tiffany celebrates its founding—the store opened in Manhattan on September 14th, 1837, with a first day’s sales total of exactly $4.98—with the release of a collection that highlights key elements of its legacy. Among Tiffany’s considerable achievements throughout its history, the jeweler can be credited with introducing colored gemstones to the American market. Four such stones are highlighted in Tiffany Legacy: kunzite, introduced in 1902 and named for Dr. George Frederick Kunz, Tiffany & Co.’s vice president of gemology from 1879 to 1932; morganite, named for collector John Pierpont Morgan, which made its debut in 1910; tanzanite, a stone discovered at the foothills of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro and introduced in 1969; and tsavorite, discovered in 1967 at Tsavo National Park near the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Each is available in a luscious array of pieces this fall at Tiffany’s four Las Vegas locations: Crystals, The Forum Shops, Fashion Show, and Via Bellagio. Any purchase, of course, will come wrapped in that iconic blue box—after all, that’s a color that, even after 175 years, will never go out of style.

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