Thomas Herd & Radiant Child Tame The Wild Wild West Digital Market

By Magdalena Munao | June 12, 2019 | Lifestyle

The landmark shift from retail to e-commerce that took place between 2010 and 2015 upset the commercial future of tens of thousands of small businesses.


Perhaps even worse, it removed the traditional tools and methods business owners relied on to grow their business and left a new, unmapped, and daunting digital marketplace in its wake.

From the start of this shift up until the current date, thousands of small businesses have spent marketing dollars frenetically and without sustainable returns, leading many of these businesses to go under and decimating both diversity and small business competency in our markets.

In light of this epidemic, a new wave of millennial thought-leaders in digital marketing have set out to tame the wild wild west digital marketplace and give small business owners both the methodology and the tools that would allow them to compete... and even now... dictate the outcomes they want in the digital marketplace.

Thomas Herd, CEO of powerhouse digital marketing agency T1 Advertising, has been particularly instrumental in giving power back to the small business owner.

Over the course of the past five years, T1 has distinguished itself as the first agency to master the digital world through its development of concrete scientific solutions for how to drive nearly every important dihtial metric- including 200k/month follower growth on Instagram, scalable customer acquisition models through data mining and retargeting, and a sustainable method of producing viral growth across culture.


As a result of developing solutions for nearly every big-ticket item a brand or entrepreneur could want, T1 has become one of the world-leaders in digital marketing and has grown exponentially to over 300 clients, including giants such as L"Oreal, LVMH Group, Ritz Carlton, and French Connection.


From an aesthetic standpoint, New York City's Dimetri Hogan has emerged as a visionary who is helping small business reclaim attention, luster, and star-power in the digital age.

At the ripe age of 26, Hogan- aka the Radiant Child- has pioneered a system through which restaurants and hospitality venues could seamlessly adapt to the Instagram age. In particular, the Radiant Child has developed a framework for hospitality businesses to follow so they create distinct interior moods that would naturally incentivize user-generate digital content that can make them visible and trendy on Instagram.


His framework is rapidly becoming a turnkey solution for digital viability across many of New York's most fashionable restaurants such as The Little Prince and Lola Taverna.

This piece is presented by T1.

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