The Harbingers of Change: Ralph Dibugnara Is Helping Communities Grow With Real-life Inspiration.

By Karishhma Ashwin | April 20, 2021 | Sponsored Post

The Real Estate Disruptors have always had one mission in mind: to create a positive impact not only on the individual level but on entire communities. Their latest project, a reality show titled The Disruptors Network set to air on February 18, 2021, is another stepping stone to achieving that goal.


The team behind the show wants to help separate social media from the truth. “We have seen plenty of successful entrepreneurs who make it seem like creating a business was super easy, while we all know that this can not be further from the truth. We wanted to shine a light on what it’s really like to start from scratch and have nothing handed to you,” they say.

The creative team consists of Eulogio Medina and Ralph DiBugnara. The duo has hand-picked entrepreneurs to feature while choosing diverse areas of expertise and experience. The roster of stars on the show includes Luke and Jordan Lintz, Anthony Lolli, Raphael Vargas, Sickamore, Hovain, Vanessa DeLeon, Lynn Hazan, Anthony Delgado, and Paul Getter. “Each of these people has created change and made a difference in their communities. This is why we invited them to share their experiences as authentically as possible,” Medina and DiBugnara explain.

The Real Estate Disruptors will be one of the very few reality shows without a script. The creators want to keep it 100% real and feel that having a script will take away from that quality. “We believe that when we show people not only the truth behind how hard it really is to build a business but how they can truly grasp it, they will feel encouraged to pursue their dreams. Everyone has gone through hardship at one point or another, but what truly matters is not giving up and picking yourself up when you fall. This is the message that we want to convey to our viewers,” the team says. “Also, a surefire way to reach your goals is if you’re working for the greater good. If you’re trying to make an impact on your community, you are more likely to succeed than if you’re just at it for yourself.”

The show will launch on various platforms, including AppleTV, YouTube, Roku, Amazon Prime, and on the Disruptors Network app that will be free of charge. “We want to reach as many people as possible. Inspiration should be a universal right, and we want to make our show as accessible as possible,” says Medina and DiBugnara. There is already a lot of interest circulating around the show, with people anticipating its pilot.

Ralph DiBugnara has plenty of experience to speak from. DiBugnara is a real estate guru and an advisor that many flock to for tips and advice. He grew up in Brooklyn and was no stranger to struggle and scarcity. He sees the start of his business as the ultimate success and feels energized to wake up every day and to propel his work forward. Together with Eulogio Medina, he hopes to disrupt the docu-series world in the same way as he has with real estate.

“Our original goal was to help people build businesses through branding, but then we realized that we could do so much more than that! We want to help lift entire communities up. We are absolutely promoters of the spirit of growth, as this is the catalyst for success,” they say. While the duo has already left a positive imprint on many followers, they chose a docu-series as the ultimate medium to help them reach an even bigger audience. All people would need to do is to tune in and watch. The Real Estate Disruptors community is a vibrant group of people who engage in high-level networking, and the show is expected to bring even more members to that existing group of entrepreneurs.

The creators believe that storytelling is the most powerful method of getting a message across, and this is precisely the system that the Disruptors Network will employ. With the premiere a little over a month away, Medina and DiBugnara are working on adding the finishing touches to what is poised to be a top-rated hit production.

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