How Talent Manager Ike Mann Followed His Dream of Working With the Leading Artists

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 30, 2021 | Sponsored Post

A dream is only a dream until you pursue it. Then you turn your passion into your reality, and it opens your mind up to endless possibilities. Not to say that it’s that cutthroat, this is a journey with mountains of odds stacked against you, and you have to brave the challenges to prevail.


Ike Mann is a talent manager whose dream to work with leading artists has come true. Venturing in the entertainment industry is extremely difficult, given the competitive nature and saturation. Making a name for yourself is extremely hard now, especially due to the age of social media.

Even with all that, Ike has run the race and made remarkable steps towards building his career as a talent manager. With his base in London, he has collaborated with new up-and-coming artists and introduced them to the world.

His music interests began early in his life as he grew up at the height of Hip Hop, R & R&B and other genres that were breaking through. Besides the music, he was also quite taken with the work that publicists, agents and managers did and decided to pursue that passion.

He quickly created contacts in sports and entertainment, which were a gateway to celebrities and artists. From then on, he began building himself up and has gained experience in his craft. He has built a social media following that is crucial for all businesses today.

Ike Mann has been scouting for new artists on digital platforms like YouTube and other platforms. According to Mann, even though the entertainment industry is evolving, new talents will always have a place in the world to showcase their talents.

Even as he scouts for new artists, Mann is very conscious of digital media's role in the industry today. He is, therefore, also focusing his attention on online methods to cover all bases and give the best service to his artists.

Being a talent manager is not easy; you need to have an eye to spot the passion within an artist. With so many people dreaming of breaking into the entertainment industry, Mann stresses the need for a discerning eye.

He has said that he is looking forward to what’s coming in his life and line of work. His experience in talent management has prepared him for growth and to seize more opportunities. He sure is one to watch.

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