Stephan Talabira Shares the Top 5 Lessons He Learned From His Vast Professional Experience

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 21, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Life is all about learning and our experience is the culmination of every single lesson we’ve ever learned. Experience is a reservoir of knowledge and skills that can be drawn upon to help in all manner of situations, both professional and personal. Sometimes we call upon our own experience and sometimes we call upon that of other people’s. Founder of PremiumAds Marketing Agency, Stephan Talabira, is an individual who often finds himself in the position of helping others benefit from his professional experience. The entrepreneur has kindly agreed to share with us the top five lessons he has learned during his career.


“I think one of the most important things I’ve learned is to always trust your instinct,” explained Stephan. “If something feels wrong it’s usually because it is. Likewise, when something is urging you to make a certain decision or follow a certain path, go with it and see where it leads.”

That’s not to say Stephan believes in taking uncalculated risks. “On the contrary,” he explained. “I believe in research, data, and analytics. Your gut instinct is a good foundation, but my second tip would be to always pay close attention to the numbers and the research before you commit yourself fully to any endeavor.”

As someone who readily admits they have failed many times on the road to success, Stephan’s third tip is to not be afraid to fail but to embrace it and use it to grow. He explained, “Failure is the foundation to success. It may sound odd, but until you’ve failed you don’t know what you’re doing wrong or how to make it right.”

Stephan’s fourth tip is self-belief. “This is a pretty obvious one,” he explained, “But it’s crucial if you are to succeed in any field. It’s a competitive world out there with a lot of critics. You’ve got to develop a thick skin and stay true to your vision because as soon as doubt creeps in, you’re finished.”

Stephan's fifth and final tip involves not putting limitations on your goals. He explained, “Too many people get to a certain point in their career and say good enough because they don't believe they can push things further. Nothing worthwhile in life has been achieved without pushing boundaries and breaking the limits of what is possible. In my experience, dreaming big and working hard is a powerhouse combination that renders anything possible.”

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