Staycationing at Aquae Sulis Spa

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1 - Staycationing at Aquae Sulis Spa
Aquae Sulis Spa

Five-star spas are aplenty on The Strip, but Westsiders have a special fondness for the lush JW Marriott Las Vegas’s Aquae Sulis Spa. With two floors, an airy, circular floorplan, and waterfall pool views, the spa’s atmosphere and top-tier amenities rival any Strip spa destination. The most enticing offering of late is the spa’s Wine Down Wednesdays ($25, through spring/summer), which hotel director of resort experience Arzu Delp describes as an “alternative happy hour,” including a mini manicure, wine, and access to spa facilities. We spoke with Delp to learn more about Wine Down Wednesdays, the spa’s recent menu revamp, and how to reach Ayurvedic bliss.

Alliteration aside, why did you choose Wednesdays as your “wine down” days?
ARZU DELP: Wednesday is the middle of the workweek for most people. Because we are open late, we figured what better way to help people rest up and get rejuvenated for the remainder of the week than with this fun yet relaxing event?

Tell us about the spa facilities accessible during Wine Down Wednesdays.
AD: The spa has a private pool area that also incorporates a co-ed steam room, sauna, and Jacuzzi complete with a view of our amazing waterfalls. The spa pool is a special therapy pool housing 12 chambers directed at specific pressure points on the body.

You recently refreshed your spa menu. Was there a specific aim or theme in that?
AD: The spa menu had not been changed in many years. It was time to revamp, revise, and renew the spa philosophy and energy at Aquae Sulis. In changing the product lines, we wanted to move towards a clean and environmentally friendly concept.

Can you explain your new Ayurvedic treatments?
AD: Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to India. In our holistic renaissance at Aquae Sulis we wanted to incorporate this ancient practice. The Shirodhara we added to the menu is the first Ayurvedic form of treatment we wanted to try. It involves a gentle pouring of liquid—we use oil—over the forehead, also known as the ‘third eye.’

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