Seven Most Important Pitfalls to Avoid when Choosing a Diamond

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When you’ve finally made the decision to purchase a diamond, there are so many factors that figure into the equation. Whether it’s quality, price point, proper appraisals or simply finding the right guidance as you select what’s best for you or your loved ones, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible before spending. After all, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. With that in mind, here are the seven most important pitfalls to avoid when choosing a diamond:

1. The Assumption of Quality

The mistake of assuming diamonds that have the same clarity and color are identical is a common misunderstanding. The brilliance and beauty of a diamond is determined by how it is cut. A diamond having a high color and clarity grade does not guarantee its beauty. If a stone is cut poorly, then the diamond can be left dull and lifeless. Be careful when you are selecting a diamond and be sure to compare diamonds to find your perfect diamond. The cut alone can affect the price up to 25% for a particular color and clarity grade. We will educate you between the differences and will help you to pick the best diamond for you that includes the right proportions, color, clarity and size within your agreed upon budget.

2. Purchasing a Diamond Without Professional Guidance

Here at Sky Diamonds, we want to educate our customers, provide them with guidance and offer them the best selection to help them make the right choice. It is very difficult for the average customer to evaluate a diamond as well as a trained gemologist. That is why it is always best to make your choice at a dependable, established store.

3. Purchasing a Diamond Based on a Discount or Price Point

It is important to find the best value; however, the lowest priced diamond may be the one with the worst cut grade. Thorough evaluation of the 4 Cs and understanding how the diamond’s price is determined is more significant.

Sky Diamonds will educate you on how diamond dealers establish price and provide you with insight you need to know to determine if you really are getting the best price. Retail level jewelry prices vary depending on the jewelry store where the diamond is being sold. A discounted diamond doesn’t always mean a good deal.


4. Choosing a Diamond Without Having the Right Selection

We have an excellent selection of diamonds, so we make it easy to compare many diamonds of different qualities without having to go to multiple jewelry stores. Sky Diamonds allows customers to shop with an actual diamond importer without having to pay for middle-man prices. There is no need to have a seller convince you what you should buy from a limited selection. You have the choice to purchase your diamond from one of the largest collections of loose and mounted diamonds in Las Vegas at Sky Diamonds!

5. Purchasing a Diamond on the Internet

It is easy to find all kinds of companies on the Internet that are selling diamonds. Some consumers may think that this is the best way to find a diamond for less money. However, that hardly ever happens. These websites compete with each other based solely on price. Often the finest stones are not available because of this. Something else to consider is the fact that these websites do not have any diamonds in stock. Readily available databases of diamonds from other companies are posted on their websites. These diamonds are not owned by them, nor have they ever been seen by them before they post them. The specific diamonds that you are looking at online may not be available for purchase. Some consumers want to analyze the table percentages and depth when searching for the perfect diamond. It is impossible to determine if a diamond is well cut by only looking at “the numbers.” No two diamonds are the same, even if their “numbers” are the same. Not even an expert can determine how the diamond will handle light return based on the numbers alone. It is best to see each diamond individually to determine for yourself.


6. Making the Assumption a Diamond That’s Been Graded Independently is Automatically Good

An independent grade is not always a good thing. A diamond having a report or “certification” is not enough alone to determine if it is the perfect diamond for you. A trained professional can help evaluate all the diamond’s characteristics with you. Nobody is perfect and even labs can make mistakes in their evaluations.

7. Assuming an Appraisal is a Grading Report

Occasionally, customers make the mistake of assuming that an appraisal is a report of diamond quality. A true report of a diamond’s quality can only be issued by an accredited laboratory, such as the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. These reports provide an independent analysis of a diamond’s characteristics and do not serve to give the value of a diamond. A graduate gemologist should do your appraisal.

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