Robert Tuzzo's Astute Skills as a Veteran in Real Estate Have Changed the Dynamics of the Industry for the Better.

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 8, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post,

Robert Tuzzo is the man behind the New York School of Real Estate and Digital Blueprint platform; both are committed to providing the best educational resources for industry professionals.


There are many skills and qualities that people work upon to get nearer their visions and goals in life. Robert Tuzzo is seen as an industry veteran in the real estate world who has not only served the industry in ways more than one as a veteran with over 20 years of experience but has also gone forward in helping professionals become more proficient and knowledgeable to conduct the business more effectively and smartly, by also optimizing the digital platforms. Robert Tuzzo, the Division VP at Cross Country Mortgage, is also the man behind the inception of the New York School of Real Estate with ace trainer Doug Vairo. Not only that, Robert Tuzzo has also tried to leverage the resources in the digital space and hence has come up with Digital Blueprint, which is about helping professionals create their digital footprint and guiding them in making the transition into the digital arena.

Below are a few essential general skills that Robert Tuzzo suggests professionals to work upon for growing and becoming more proficient in the industry.

Communication skills: Robert Tuzzo explains that effective and efficient communication skills are essential in getting near success. By great communication skills, he says that professionals would be able to easily and appropriately spread across their message and information to clients. Interactions must be to the point as well as effective enough to let the clients know that one possesses the right knowledge.

Adapting to new technology: The veteran is of the opinion that it is important to work according to the changing times and trends of the industry. Adapting to new technology like the digital world for carrying out certain processes makes the entire process of real estate easier for both the professional and the client.

Networking: Increasing knowledge in the field by relying on trustworthy sources like Robert Tuzzo's school and Digital Blueprint platform that he has created, one can also hone their skills in networking. The more people network, the more they connect with others, creating a group of like-minded people and can even learn from each other.

Integrity and honesty: A person who is true to his profession is the one who goes ahead in making it huge in the same, believes Robert Tuzzo. One must also be honest enough in work and work to develop the industry as a whole.

Robert Tuzzo ventured into the educational arena as he saw certain inefficiencies in the way people conducted business and saw how businesses became slower, which is why he decided to launch The New York School of Real Estate and also Digital Blueprint, after realizing how the pandemic led towards optimizing the digital space for making people more aware and in control of their digital impact and footprint, to serve the underserved real estate community with the right educational resources.

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