As Per Robby Clark, Everyone Must Have A Hobby That Allows Personal Growth

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | May 11, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Robby Clark is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Canada. He is the founder of SID Developments, a real estate company dedicated to creating value in cities across Ontario. Robby and his team search for neglected properties in areas where homes can be purchased & renovated under the build price. "We stimulate cities at scale through the purchase and renovation of hundreds of residential homes," Robby says. "It takes the redevelopment of existing housing to drive up demand and to allow for developers to re-enter a city."


In addition to SID developments, Robby has several other companies under his guidance. eFresh Meals is an innovative meal prep company that delivers healthy, chef-made meals to its users. Lawn Care Alert is a landscaping company that helps its users maintain great-looking lawns all year round to over 1,000 year-round clients.

It's not just all hard work and no fun for Robby, though. When asked about his hobbies, Robby revealed that business is his hobby. "I love everything related to business. When I'm not working, I'm reading about business and entrepreneurship," Robby says. "But outside of that, I love watching UFC as well. I'm a huge mixed martial arts fan, that's how I spend my Saturday nights."

Robby Clark believes that there is a strong connection between hobbies and running a business. He believes that every entrepreneur should have a hobby that allows them to relax but also to grow. "Many hobbies have the potential to provide benefits that can improve your level of success as an entrepreneur," Robby explains. "It doesn't matter if it's gardening, doing puzzles, or playing video games like Elon Musk; every hobby has its benefits and can help you improve your hustle."

Here are a few ways a hobby can affect one's business.

Increased Productivity
Hobbies have a restorative effect and can significantly increase one's productivity. Setting aside some time to have fun and relax helps a person recover from their job demands and allows them to return to work with a renewed sense of motivation.

"I noticed that when I'm really engaged in doing something I love, I lose a sense of time. Nothing can better restore your mind and energy than your favorite activities," Robby says.

Better Performance
Hobbies can have a positive impact on the critical aspects of one's job performance. For example, reading books stimulates the brain area associated with language and intelligence. A hobby as fun and simple as doodling can improve memory by 29%.

Engaging in enjoyable activities raises the levels of neurotransmitters in the human brain. Chemicals such as endorphins, norepinephrine, and dopamine that regulate mood and relieve stress are released. In other words, hobbies are foolproof mood boosters.

"I believe that hobbies are an excellent way to take a break from the pressure of being a business owner. But they also come with a range of benefits that every entrepreneur can translate into added success in their business," Robby says. Please remember that Robby Clark is not a financial advisor and invest at your own risk.

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