Recover 180° is Sin City's New Hangover Cure

By Jimmy Kontomanolis | December 3, 2018 | Food & Drink

Let’s face it—in Vegas, you go big or go home. But now, a new drink arrives in Sin City to keep you working hard and playing harder.


Innovative sports drink Recover 180° launched in LA last year and has finally made its way to Sin City. With twice the amount of electrolytes and less sugar than leading sports drinks, the ultra-hydrating Recover 180° is available in various flavors, including Acai Berry, Blood Orange and Citrus.

Essential vitamins like B3, B5 and Vitamin C, among others, kickstart the body’s natural healing process and boost immunity, while ingredients like ginseng, milk thistle and aloe vera improve concentration, memory and work efficiency, reduce stress, flush out toxins, and improve blood circulation.

What does all this mean for Vegas’ movers and shakers? Well, let’s just say you can keep on hitting the gym and enjoying the city’s vibrant nightlife—oh, and let’s not forget those nonstop pool parties!

But that’s not all: the brand also believes in sustainability. Recover 180° features no artificial sweeteners or colors, no GMOs, no animal products and no gluten, all in a BPS plastic-free bottle. It does a body good, and the environment too!

Recover 180° is available at Lee’s Liquor stores, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Venetian Hotel, Lavo, and pool parties at Marquee Day Club, Tao Beach and Palazzo Pool.

Photography by: Photo courtesy of Recover 180°