OptionsSwing Inc. Disrupts the Online Trading Space with Their “Education First, Profit Second” Strategy

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 8, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post,

People have been investing in the stock market for decades to enjoy payoffs that will help them through retirement or help put their kids through college. Millennials, however, seem to be wary of the stock market. According to Investopedia, 40 percent of millennials believe investing is “risky,” while nearly 25 percent call it “overwhelming.”. The main reason behind this trepidation is a lack of knowledge about the stock market and finances in general. Jason Lee, the founder of OptionsSwing, created his brand to help people gain the understanding they need to navigate through the stock market successfully.

A Winning Motto
“Education first, profit second” is the OptionsSwing motto. It encompasses the belief that with the power of hooking up your bank account and trading the same day comes the responsibility, so you don’t needlessly lose money. Lee says the stock market is sometimes compared to a casino, where many traders lose money. 
“This happens because sometimes they don’t know when to stop, but more often than not, it’s because they have little to no education about the stock market, which leads to poor and uninformed decisions,” says Lee.

How it All Began
Jason Lee, the founder of OptionsSwing, built the business based on his own success after discovering swing and options trading. He had been investing for years before he learned about these types of trading. After studying them and giving them a shot, he had his most successful trading year, which earned him over $400,000 while still working full-time. Shortly after, he started the @optionsswing Instagram page to share his insights into the stock market. After attracting thousands of followers in a short time, he found his calling to create a system that teaches others how to be successful like he was.

Knowledge is Power
OptionsSwing is a membership subscription service offering three main products: monthly membership, yearly membership, and a video course. Included in this membership is access to the community’s premium private discord server of over 2,000 other members sharing the same goal to learn and become more disciplined traders. OptionsSwing teaches students of all experience levels various options trading strategies, including scalps, day trades, and swing trades. With real-time transparent trading every weekday, they teach their members through examples and not just words. OptionsSwing has created many different channels, automations, and resources for their community, including bots. Members can ask questions, analyze, learn, and trade together in a safe and encouraging environment.

The Future is Bright
OptionsSwing has a bright future ahead. They’re planning to offer a full range of online trading courses that people can take any time, any place. Lee says they look forward to creating a learning management platform that enables anyone to learn trading basics.

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