3 Myths about Solo Entrepreneurship Busted by Kyle Biskit

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | May 18, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

The journey of seeing your business grow into something big is quite a satisfying feeling. The process your business took to blossom entails a lot. If you are an aspiring business entrepreneur, some myths will be fed to you. Some misconceptions will even cause you to be afraid of starting any. Myths should never be taken seriously, they are just a path leading you to pile up doubts and distract you from getting on straight with your business. Kyle Biskit has highlighted for you some of the myths that should not even bother you.


One myth is that as a solo entrepreneur, you have no life to enjoy. This is a big lie that is used to make you get scared of becoming one. It is the best. Among the privileges of being your boss, you get to set aside the time you can use for yourself. Since you are not under anyone, you can have time to recollect yourself as much as you want.

The second myth is that you have to be rich to start a business. Actually, being a solo entrepreneur is easy and does not require the world’s money to start it off. You can start with anything you have. Since you are working alone, you can easily pay yourself and enjoy your money. This goes hand in hand with focusing on your passion to build your empire. Just as Kyle invested in building a career from luxury property rentals.

Third, being a solo entrepreneur does not mean that you will turn into a deceptive or vulgar person. Solo entrepreneurs are the most honest people in the industry since they deal with clients face to face. They are in direct contact with their clients. If you focused on building from your passion, you will be more enthusiastic in your working environment. This is how Kyle started, his love for staying in the luxury houses pushed him to venture into it for the celebs.

A solo entrepreneur is a person who is focused on achieving their business goals. As Kyle Biskit has changed the narratives, proving that these myths are not true, you, too, can be a great and happy entrepreneur.

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