More Plates More Dates: The #1 Source for Science-Based Entertainment and Education on Health and Supplementation

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 20, 2021 | Sponsored Post

According to multiple surveys conducted, health and fitness are among the top categories people are most likely to search for online. They are also two categories notorious for being filled with misinformation. The Internet is flooded with people peddling underdosed products and scammy services. There aren’t very many channels that pride themselves on putting out accurate information with scientific literature to support their statements. One such platform is ‘More Plates More Dates’, and it is quickly becoming a hot favorite with its science-based entertaining content.


MPMD is a website and the social media persona of Derek, a fitness YouTuber who started this initiative with the motive of spreading high quality knowledge, as well as proven techniques and tips. Topics like diet, bodybuilding, supplementation and hair-loss prevention are discussed at length on his channel.

The platform provides content for entertainment, informational and educational purposes along with updated scientific literature. The YouTube channel boasts more than 130 million views and over 550,000 subscribers. From its social media pages, blog and website reviews, it is clear that ‘More Plates More Dates’ is a highly valued content creator in the self-improvement space.

The platform has also attracted high-profile clients such as professional bodybuilders, Hollywood actors, and massive social media influencers. In 2017, Derek also launched a dietary supplements company called ‘Gorilla Mind’, providing high-quality products designed to support health and performance. This was followed by the launch of his Hormone Replacement Therapy clinic Marek Health in 2020.

What makes MPMD stand out from the competition is the genuine zeal with which it was created. The founder has gone through an impressive journey and his personal experiences in unison with his endless research culminates in a pretty interesting hybrid platform for education and entertainment. Most recently, Derek has stated that he is focused on growing his personal brand and companies more in order to make a big mark on the fitness and healthcare industry.

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