Mihir Sukthankar Talks About The Importance Of Understanding The Methodology Behind Any Process

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | May 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post

When you think of a stock market day trader, what do you think is the most important part of the job? One might argue it’s access to good information to base your trades off of, or constantly watching the news to determine where the market is headed. Maybe it’s a guiding hand, a mentor to help you grasp where the market is going and how you can profit from it. Mihir Sukthankar is a young trader with a world of experience under his belt. With five years of trading experience, he's garnered a reputation for knowing just what moves to make and when to do it. His team is part of a collective known as Traders Circle X (TCX), dedicated to helping beginner traders make profitable trades while also helping them understand the reasoning behind each decision.


A Dedicated Team Helping Traders Worldwide
Sukthankar’s TCX business team understands his trading methodology explicitly. They see the market the way he sees it, spending their time fact-checking and determining whether the right indicators are pointing to the continuation of a trend or a retrace. Sometimes, these traders say they spend a lot of time rechecking their indicators well into the night and even the following morning. They want to ensure they have the correct data to hand off to others within TCX. For members of the trading circle, it's a godsend. Many of these traders aren't considered professionals; they have their own day jobs to deal with and don't have the time to watch the market, read indicators, and make a distinction. This is where the TCX team comes into play. They offer these traders the facility to go about their lives while still profiting from the data they crunch.

Education Is The Critical Factor
TCX doesn't only look at the current situation regarding traders; they also look to educate and teach. Mihir Sukthankar says he doesn't want his students to only take his information and make trades. Instead, he wants them to learn from his methodology. More than anything, he says his team treats TCX as a trader's academy, instead of a service that helps customers. They aren't clients, but students, he says who are dedicated to learning the art of trading using Sukthankar’s guidance and mentorship. However, even though TCX is the best entry point for new traders, more experienced traders can also learn something from the team.

BoostedQuant and Market Dice
Sukthankar and his team's newest offerings to the trade market come in the form of two applications; BoostedQuant and Market Dice. BoostedQuant leverages previous market trends and actions in an attempt to predict the movement of a stock. It deals primarily with technical analysis, meaning there’s a slight chance of error. But even so, Sukthankar says the technology has a shocking level of accuracy since it's an automated system that is constantly learning from the past. Market Dice is the other side of the coin, focusing on the news that shapes the industry. Traders rely on a combination of information and technical analysis to make their decisions, but Sukthankar says many news outlets put a spin on the headlines to attract readership. The objective of Market Dice is to offer unbiased news that traders can rely on to deliver to make critical trading decisions. Mihir Sukthankar’s team puts in hours of work to help those subscribed to these services. This sort of dedication is surprising from a 19-year-old, but it shows what someone who truly enjoys their work can accomplish.

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