Mario Barth & About Kings Commemorate Veterans with Epic Performance at the Hard Rock Café This Memorial Weekend

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | June 7, 2022 | Culture Feature Sponsored Post

unnamed_2022-06-02T154216_385.jpgThe Coalition for Tattoo Safety gifted Las Vegas with the Southern Rock Mayhem show on Friday this Memorial Day weekend, commemorating veterans and first responders by giving them free entry and a complimentary drink. Cheers.

Mario Barth is no stranger to standing up against adversity and supporting underrepresented communities, so having him lead The Southern Rock Mayhem show this Memorial Day weekend was as fitting as 80’s hair bands’ leather. The show was not only put on by The Coalition for Tattoo Safety to raise funds for improvements and regulations in the tattoo industry but also offered free entry and a complimentary beverage for all Veterans and First Responders. Such courtesy is not as common as you’d think, especially in a city like Las Vegas.

The show took place at the legendary Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas on Friday, May 27th, featuring performances by country singer Filmore and Mario Barth & About Kings. Despite being relatively new to the music scene with About Kings, there’s no denying that Mario has hit his stride, as his one-million streams on “Guardian Angel” and over two-million views on “Easy Rider” will prove.

The show brought Veterans, First Responders, and fans of epic rock together and kicked Memorial Day weekend off right with good music, drinks, and company. One of the highlights of the night that many fans were talking about was when Mario Barth and About Kings did their own amazing interpretation of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man, and the crowd went wild. Viva Las Vegas!

unnamed_(47).pngAbout Mario Barth & About Kings:

Mario Barth is a creative powerhouse, holding such titles as celebrity tattoo artist, entrepreneur, rockstar, lead singer of About Kings, and owner of Starlight Tattoo. Mario initially worked as a tattoo artist in the 1970s, when tattooing was illegal, and is now dubbed as the world’s greatest tattoo artist with over 200 international awards and setting several Guinness World Records.

His success translated well into music, as his first single singing for About Kings went to #44 Billboard country indicator charts and is currently playing throughout the US and Europe on the radio while achieving Germany's #1 Country iTunes Charts, USA #20 Country iTunes Charts, # 31 on Germany’s all Genres Charts, and #18 Ukraine’s all genres charts.

Most recently, About Kings dropped a pre-release music video for their latest single, "3Chords and the Truth," and it has already received millions of views. About Kings is headed to Europe next, starting their tour in Switzerland on Jul 2, 2022and performing in Italy, Germany, and Austria. For dates, locations and tickets, visit

Photography by: David Becker//Getty Images