Man of Style Bryan Chan Talks Fashion, Heroes and Happiness

By Emmy Kasten | March 26, 2020 | Style & Beauty

The former reality show star, boy band member and Chippendales emcee-turned-beloved professional host knows how to put his best look forward.


Have you always cared about how you dress? Always. Before I had the means, I would look through store racks every weekend. It is the first part of your personality that people see before you open your mouth.

Do you have any fashion regrets from your boy band days? I would definitely say my frosted tips. I was like Sonic the Hedgehog.

I feel most confident when I wear… a suit. I put a lot of effort into pulling those looks together.

Who is your style hero? Conor McGregor. He is impeccably tailored and always makes a very big, bold statement that is unapologetic. He will mix patterns and colors that are always so spot on.

Name one of your most treasured possessions. My grandmother and I had a very special relationship, and I wanted for us to have a nice picture. We made this a huge deal, and when you ordered a picture package you got a little circle pendant with a picture in it. I carry it with me all the time, because it captures a moment in time with her.

_______ keeps me fit. My daughter. I want to be here for as long as I can to see her get married, to see her have her own kid and to see her happy.

What is your personal motto? Be humble and be kind. If you can live that way every day, everything else will fall into place.




Photography by: Jerry Metellus; Shot at The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Penthouses