3 Lessons From Muhammad Al Naqbi to Make You a Better Photographer

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | May 3, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Photography has become one of the dominant careers of the 21st century. It is creative, and it has the possibility of reaching millions of people. More importantly, it is organic. Muhammad Al Naqbi has some valuable tips to help you be a better photographer and take your skills to the next level. VEGAS_MAGAZINE_Muhammad_Al_Naqbi_(1).jpg

Never Stop Learning
A person's education is never finished. When you graduate from college or high school, you are in the real world. This is where your education truly begins, and you learn the most valuable skills of your life. Education will take you so far; reality will take you even further. If you have ever heard the adage "there are only so many things you can learn in a classroom," now is the time to apply it. “In any creative field, you have to be dynamic and ready to make changes on the fly. Life is fluid, and you must move with it to stay ahead,” states Muhammad Al Naqbi.

No Cheap Shortcuts
“While acquiring photography skills might be fiscally free, it takes time, effort, and energy to develop effective strategies. This might include countless hours of practice or combing over your photography skills,” says Muhammad Al Naqbi. Time is money, and even if the knowledge is free, that time could have been used to make money. This is a bit of a vicious cycle; thus, time management while learning photography is crucial.

Hire People Smarter Than Yourself
You need to surround yourself with intelligent people who are as passionate about photography as you are. “Let's be honest; people have strengths and weaknesses. Identifying your weaknesses and surrounding yourself with people who excel in your shortfalls is an equation for a successful company. Let go of your pride and work with people who are smarter than you,” adds Muhammad Al Naqbi. This is a success tactic you will probably applaud with pride rather than cringe in regret.

These tactics might look simple, but they take a great deal of strength to engage. When it comes to acquiring skills, sacrifices must be made, and this includes tough decisions. Don't worry about being the smartest person in the room; focus on being the wisest person in the room.

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