Kieran O'brien on How Digital Marketing Is the Natural Evolution of Traditional Marketing

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

There are tons of forms of marketing businesses have to choose from, but they all break down into two categories: traditional marketing and digital marketing. Traditional methods like print, radio, and billboards, have been incredibly helpful for clients in the past. However, a huge push for digital marketing has changed the landscape, and this method of finding new clients has blown up like never before. Kieran O’Brien is the CEO of MediaKits, and he knows that digital marketing is the way of the future.


Kieran O’Brien has always known the power of digital advertising and marketing. He started out his career as the founder of a digital marketing company that helped auto shops maximize their value and grow their customer base online. “I saw that most businesses in this sphere weren’t really utilizing technology, and I knew they could find more business if they did,” O’Brien said. “When I saw how much their businesses grew, it made me believe in digital marketing even more.” 70% of people say that they want to learn about products through content instead of traditional advertising. “Digital marketing allows us to showcase products and services in different and unique ways. You can work with an influencer on Instagram to show off your clothing brand, or you can make a YouTube video that subtly introduces your product. The sky’s the limit.” Although traditional marketing still has its place, Kieran believes that digital marketing is the way of the future. “It’s the natural evolution of traditional marketing. People just aren’t as receptive to it any longer. We have to move forward if we want people to be interested in what we have to sell.” Marketing online also allows for more innovative approaches. “You can tell your story through a YouTube video, blog, or even a TikTok. Consumers say that they regularly buy from brands they see online. You can build that success if your business is willing to adapt.”

Kieran O’Brien now has an even deeper connection to digital marketing. One day, one of his friends approached him about assembling a media kit that would act as a virtual business card for would-be clients. He thought creating these marketing materials would be easy, but he soon realized that there wasn’t a tool to make them anywhere online. “Ignoring this type of marketing seemed like a huge mistake. Media kits are a great way for influencers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to show their history and open themselves up to new investors. I knew it needed to be easier to create one.” This led him to create Media Kits, which just launched in February 2021. It allows you to create an attractive kit that will showcase you to the world. The user-friendly tool also pulls real-time data like number of followers, songs downloaded, and other important info that could attract potential advertisers or sponsors.

If you don’t know how to attract new investors and customers to your business as soon as you can, digital marketing is the way of the future.

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