Hot Springs and Wellness Resorts in Argentina

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Argentina has a great tradition of thermal and wellness tourism due to its vast geography, diversity of climates, and the quality and professionalism of its health and wellness specialists, spas and clinics.

The country is a leader in thermal tourism in Latin America with over 40 thermal spas from north to south that are complete wellness complexes offering a wide variety of services that combine health, beauty and relaxation.


One of Argentina’s most important resort towns, popular for its hot springs, is Termas de Rio Hondo, located in the northern province of Santiago del Estero, 700 miles NW of Buenos Aires. The town itself is settled on fourteen layers of thermal waters rich in salts and minerals, and visitors from all over come to experience the healing properties of its waters.

The province of Entre Ríos has the highest concentration of hot springs in all of Argentina, with a circuit of thermal spas connecting different towns throughout the province. The Parque Termal Federación is an entire thermal park complete with a water park, pools and waterfront resorts. The hyperthermal waters here reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and are 4,000 feet deep. They are low in alkaline and minerals, and rich in bicarbonate and sodium, providing great relaxation and allowing treatment of different conditions and chronic illnesses. The hot springs in Gualeguaychú – a three-hour drive from Buenos Aires – also contain mineral and medicinal properties. In addition, a full- service spa offers a wide array of services such as mud therapy, aromatherapy massages, deep cleansing face masks, facial recovery massages, chocolate and honey masks, reaffirming face masks and body polishing, among many others.


Along the Andes, the thermal waters result from volcanic activity. The wine producing region of Mendoza, with its endless natural attractions that attract outdoor adventure lovers, is also rich in hot springs. With over 20 outdoor pools with temperatures ranging from 95 to 120 degrees F, the springs at Cacheuta are located in a magnificent setting at the foothills of the Andes, an hour’s drive from the city of Mendoza. These hot springs are best experienced from April to November, outside of Argentina’s winter months from December to March. The relaxing therapeutic pools are complemented by a spa that offers hydromassage, Finnish and Scottish showers, and a sauna within a natural cave.

The Copahue Hot Springs in the Patagonian province of Neuquén are located in close proximity to the Caviahue Ski Resort. These springs emerge from the Copahue Volcano, whose vulcanization process has given the city ancient thermal waters that have been enjoyed by the region’s indigenous Mapuche population for centuries. Immerse yourself in meltwater that emerges at high temperatures and is famous for its therapeutic properties while enjoying the moon-like landscape shaped by volcanic activity, glaciation and wind. You can choose from a wide array of personalized programs that combine health, beauty, relaxation and therapies with mineral-medicinal waters, algae, mud, kinesiotherapy and therapeutic vapors.


For those who prefer to be pampered in the plush surroundings of a luxury resort, numerous spa and wellness resorts throughout Argentina offer a wide variety of wellness programs and packages from relaxation and beauty treatments to anti-stress and weight loss services. These resorts are set in the breathtaking natural surroundings of Patagonia, the sierras and lakes of Córdoba or northwestern Salta and Jujuy.

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