Here's How Cody Vaujin Took on the Sports Handicapping Industry by Storm With Codycoverspreads

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 23, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

The sports handicapping industry is an alluring one that’s growing at a fast pace. With a MarketWatch estimate of hitting $7 billion to $8 billion by 2025, the idea of going all-in is enticing. However, the chances of making a living on sports handicapping are slim. According to JV Miller, it’s rare for professional sports handicappers to sustain a long-term winning percentage above 53%.

Cody Vaujin is one of the few who beat the odds, not only earning more than enough to make a living off of sports handicapping, but making it his life’s goal to spread the wealth, helping others break the books.

Maintaining a 77% accuracy rating since winning first place in his first sports handicapping contest in 2016, Cody had profited $4 million before he was 22 years old. Now, he’s the founder and sole employee of CodyCoverSpreads, a popular sports consulting business with over 50,000 clients. Here, he opens up about how confidence, creativity, and passion won him the success he enjoys today.


Confidence Is Key
Coming out of a first sports handicapping competition in the lead over 100+ other contestants and taking home $100,000 would certainly make anyone feel confident. This confidence propelled Cody to seize the moment, and he wasted no time, starting @codycoverspreads on Instagram following the competition.
He gained a massive following as he placed high-stakes bets daily at local casinos and kept winning. Cody only made it so far because he has always been a confident person and went into the competition carrying that trait with him. His passion for sports started at a young age, and even today he lives by the mantra that “Health is Wealth.”

Overcome Obstacles by Being Creative
The COVID-19 pandemic struck nearly every industry globally, and the sports industry wasn’t immune to it, either. As sports events shut down, Cody stood to lose everything if he didn’t get creative. He took the lockdown as a chance to delve into sports around the world and ended up making tens of thousands of dollars placing handicaps on sports in different countries.
While sharing his advice, he helped his clients profit as well. For Cody, difficult times only allow for more creativity. He frequently travels to keep his creative mindset alive and never loses that spark of hope and positivity.

Go All-In
Another important trait that has helped Cody reach the stars is his lack of fear. According to the legend himself, Cody “has never had a fear of failure.” Risk ignites his passion, and he has no problem taking financial risk for a large reward. This is a blessing for him, but could be a curse for others if they don’t share the same mathematical perception as him, so he feels it’s so important for him to guide others interested in sports handicapping.

It’s Not All About Luck
Handicapping isn’t all about luck. There’s an entire equation that goes into calculating the odds of winning any wager. Cody’s passion for sports isn’t the only thing that got him to where he’s at today. He’s also exceptionally gifted at math, which has helped him devise the winning bankroll management technique that he uses for himself and teaches to his clients.
With his winning combination of intelligence, confidence, and creativity, it’s easy to see how Cody has earned his spot at the top of the sports handicapping industry. Fittingly referred to by his clients as the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time), Cody is loyal to them and has big plans for the future of CodyCoverSpreads. With no plans to ever retire, the world can expect to see some game-changers from the GOAT in the years to come.

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