Gifting The Guy Who Has Everything

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We all have at least one impossibly stylish and enviable man in our lives, whether he be a husband, father, brother or friend. With unmatched and impeccable taste, he’s got it all. And against the odds, you are tasked to gift this man something he does not own, and doesn’t even know he wants. However discriminating and for even the most particular of men—novices and aficionados alike—a fine whiskey goes a long way.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select

Indulge his spirits penchant with a bottle of the best. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select is bottled at 94-proof and boasts a robust flavor featuring subtle notes of caramel and spice. With these one-of-a-kind aromatics, it’s the ideal gift for the one-of-a-kind man.

For next-level discerning gentlemen who like their gifts made-to-order, Jack Daniel’s Personal Collection Program offers customers the opportunity to personally choose their very own barrel of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select and have it bottled. To assist buyers with their selection, Jack Daniel’s will send them tasting samples, the distilling team can choose a barrel on their behalf, or people can make future arrangements for a visit to the Lynchburg, TN distillery for a special tour and walk through of the process.

Celebrate winter responsibly; written in partnership with your friends at Jack Daniels Single Barrel.


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