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For fashionistas looking to make a unique, stylish statement and distinct affirmation of everyday elegance this spring, the Valentino Garavani One Stud bag is the season’s must-have accessory.

Available in an array of bold, traffic-stopping colors in both medium and mini sizes, this highly expressive contemporary rendition of the iconic Stud reflects Valentino’s classic craftsmanship while being in a class of its own. The storied combination inspired our VP of Creative and Fashion Director, James Aguiar, and photographer Helena Palazzi when capturing the bag’s genderless appeal and powerful yet gentle personality.

“The One Stud bag is pure desire. It has the hallmarks of the previous incarnations while moving it forward and keeping fresh,” James noted. “This one is soft, and it’s curved edges feel so right, while the stud detail gives it the edge and polish. It’s simple, yet perfectly executed.”

Playing on a classical theme while remaining completely modern to embody the spirit of the One Stud, James and Helena gracefully draped the bag over a Roman statue to showcase it as a timeless centerpiece that exudes a museum quality while reflecting the current season’s trends.

Whether you’re heading to a chic lunch in the city, traveling to a tropical destination or taking your look from day-to-night, James sees endless ways for the Valentino Garavani One Stud Bag to add to your personal flair in any setting. “The best part of this bag is that you make it completely your own. Your sense of style and confidence are all you need,” he said.

Unmistakably Expressive


Sophisticated Yet Straightforward Style


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Photography by: Photography by Helena Palazzi