Why Entrepreneur Francis Volpe's Content Marketing Strategies Are Highly Sought-After

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 5, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post,

When devising a business plan, many entrepreneurs are advised to find a market gap, a demand that requires a supply. With the rise of online brand engagement and content, many would assume that digital marketing has managed to cater to every possible market aspect. Entrepreneur Francis Volpe saw deeper. He saw a need in the digital marketing industry, a demand that he felt he had the skills to fill. This is why Volpe’s content marketing strategies are so sought after.


Volpe is co-founder of ‘Y Not You Media.’ This New York-based digital marketing agency is gaining prominence for its bespoke approach to content marketing strategies for clients. Volpe believes his marketing skills with ‘Y Not You Media’ are in demand because he maintains the young sensibilities of someone plugged into the latest trends. However, he does business with an old-school mentality by creating solid relationships with clients.

Volpe shares that he saw beyond the basic packages that companies were being presented with to rejuvenate their businesses and keep them trending. He saw room for improvement with these basic plans, feeling that they lacked the essence of the clients. They felt interchangeable for any company. With this revelation, he created content centered around the core of what made the client and their company unique. Speaking of his dedication to digital marketing and how he discovered it to be his niche, Volpe says, “Once I left the corporate world behind and discovered the creative thinking that digital marketing allows, I knew that it was my calling. I now live for finding creative solutions to creative problems, and I haven’t looked back.”

In 2018, Volpe decided to commit himself to the digital marketing industry. H came together with co-founders Tony Pec and Michael Capozzi to create ‘Y Not You Media.’ Within six months of the launch, the digital marketing agency was a six-figure company. Volpe is a New York native, grown up in the Westchester area. Here, he developed a dedication to athletic pursuits and played college football at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. Volpe shares that competing as part of a close-knit team prepared him for working within a content creation team where every concept and insight is considered.

It’s clear that no matter how oversaturated or well-served an industry may seem, there will always be a forward thinker like Francis Volpe who sees beneath the surface and finds their unique view to be highly sought after.

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