Energy Efficiency and R-Value of Window Treatments: Why Sunburst's Polywood Shutters are the best!

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Energy efficiency should be a big requirement for your window treatments in Las Vegas. Hot summers and cold winters can cost Las Vegas homeowners a lot in heating and cooling costs. With the wrong window covering, your home could be affected from unwanted heat loss or gain, which leads to higher utility costs.


The right window treatment can provide superior energy efficiency and savings. To find the best energy-efficient window treatments, you need to look at their R-values.

Everything in your house that contributes to insulation -- from the walls to your windows -- has an R-value. Windows are one of the most common heat loss areas in the house. To keep your home warm in the winter and cool in summer, you need a window treatment with good insulation characteristics and a high R-value.


But which window treatments have the best R-value in Vegas?

Window Treatment R-Value Comparison Chart:

When it comes to insulation, not every window treatment is equal. Though there are some variations due to the material and manufacturing methods between different companies and models, below is what you’re likely to find when comparing window coverings:

Window Covering

Average R-Value

No window treatment

0.75 - 1


1.5 - 2




2 - 3

Wood Shutters

3 - 4

Cellular shades


Sunburst Shutters’ Polywood Shutters®


R-values from and HouseLogic.

Sunburst Shutters’ Polywood® interior shutters are installed around the window, trapping air against the window when the louvers are shut.


Polywood is built from a solid faux wood polymer and can repel the summer heat more than wood shutters and other non-wood shutters. Polywood shutters feature patented weather stripping on each shutter panel, which give it the ability to block more temperature and light than ordinary shutters.

Polywood isn’t only known for energy savings. Most customers pick Polywood because of its beauty. That includes solid components (nothing hollow), a timeless design, and a beautiful paint finish. Polywood’s paint is a patented, chemically bonded paint finish, that ensures the color will never fade or discolor. There are no shutters that offer better durability or beauty than Polywood Shutters. They’re so good, Sunburst offers a 100% lifetime guarantee on the product, installation, and finish—a warranty no other shutter company offers.


There are many brands of non-wood shutters in Las Vegas, and some companies try to convince locals that they offer Polywood too. But Sunburst Shutters is the only place you can buy Polywood Shutters.

Sunburst Shutters’ philosophy is to do it better than anyone else. The company offers the best product to go along with their goal of better service. Sunburst has teams of professionals who take care of customers. From their helpful personalities to their extensive knowledge of window treatments, to their decades of experience installing window treatments—Sunburst’s people are a big part of their reputation as a company you can trust.


While great people are Sunburst’s foundation for success, the company’s best-in-class products like its Polywood Shutter make Sunburst the only choice.

If you’d like to improve your home’s energy efficiency or its overall beauty, contact Sunburst Shutters for a free in-home consultation to see how Polywood Shutters can make a huge difference in your home.

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