Dynamic Women of Las Vegas

By Modern Luxury | September 5, 2018 | People Lifestyle

Vegas magazine is pleased to present a selection of extraordinary women who are dynamic leaders in their field. These women of distinction are truly accomplished and stand out as some the best influencers and contributors of our community.



Through hard work and determination, Charline Padgett quickly worked her way through ranks of casino and hospitality operations across Las Vegas, and now leads the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower’s food & beverage team. An expert at formulating effective strategies, operational assessments and demonstrating extensive leadership in the hospitality industry, Charline works to deliver a superior guest experience by overseeing banquet kitchen operations and daily operations of multiple awardwinning bars and restaurants, including Top of the World, a unique dining experience with rotating, 360-degree views, 800 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

With responsibilities ranging from financial management, strategic planning, margin improvement, team member and guest satisfaction and vendor relations, Charline has demonstrated growth, leadership and a proven track record throughout her career. A natural problemsolver, Charline relishes the unique challenges that the industry brings and is constantly evaluating best practices to deliver superior results.

What is your personal mission statement?
I’ve always embraced the notion of leaving something better than when you found it, and I try to apply that to every aspect of my life - both personally and professionally. Contributing to the success of a project is a big motivator for my work here at Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & Tower.

What were you like as a child?
That depends on who you ask! For the most part, I’d say I was outspoken and fearless; as the youngest of four children, I kind of had to be! I’ve always been inquisitive about the world around me.

What sparked your initial interest in the field?
What appealed to me the most about the food & beverage industry was the unpredictability. There is something so motivating about the constant excitement and energy in this line of work. You walk in knowing that no one day is the same, and I enjoy that. It keeps me on my toes. This field is fast paced and demanding, but it’s also incredibly vibrant and dynamic, which is why the food & beverage environment is something that I’ve never grown tired of. STRATOSPHERE CASINO, HOTEL & TOWER VICE PRESIDENT OF FOOD & BEVERAGE CHARLINE PADGETT

2000 S Las Vegas Boulevard stratospherehotel.com



As the Founder and Practice Director of Red Rock Fertility Center, Dr. Eva Littman has successfully guided the center to produce many successful pregnancies. Dr. Littman also specializes in challenging cases where the patient has less than a five percent chance of pregnancy and helps them welcome new lives into their families. Dr. Littman offers an outstanding level of empathy and a broader amount of compassion for her patients given that she has personally undergone some of the procedures involved with fertility treatment. Dr. Littman has three children of her own and she understands the desires of her patients to conceive.

She has also contributed to worldwide knowledge of specific infertility problems by publishing numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and regularly presenting at international meetings and local conferences. She also helps mentor future OB/GYN residents by serving as a Volunteer Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of OB/GYN at the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

What is your personal mission statement?
To provide the highest possible success rate in a personalized intimate setting.

How do you define success?
Seeing the smile on parents and babies faces.

What is your passion?
I love making people happy, whether at work or in my personal life. It’s what gets me going.

What makes you a dynamic woman?
I run 2 businesses. I have 3 children that I take care of mostly by myself in addition to caring for my mom, who has dementia. I still find time to do things for myself and the community.

What has been the happiest day of your life so far?
Every year we have a picnic where all the babies, Red Rock Fertility created, come. That is the best!

RED ROCK FERTILITY CENTER FOUNDER AND PRACTICE DIRECTOR EVA LITTMAN, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. 9120 West Russell Rd, Ste 200 702.749.4690 redrockfertility.com



Stacy’s trademark with everything from bespoke furniture or custom home building is that “design must have purpose, and it must last. -What good is designing something if it gets tired or out-dated fast.” There must be elements of modernism paired with old-world integrity. For instance the architecture lines may be razor-sharp modern, but the finishes may be classic like raw, honed marble. At the very least, the architecture must match its surroundings…. “you won’t catch me designing a French Chateau in the desert!”

Bespoke Homes is a premier collaboration of her partner’s expertise in construction management and building high-end custom homes with her business and design background. Together they construct and develop spec-homes, custom homes for private clients, and gut-renovations.

What makes me a Dynamic Woman?
The first business I created was Napa Valley Bike Tours when I was nineteen and a year later I helped start Whitewater Adventures. The range in providing 800 guests a 2-day adventure down a river, or on bike & wine tours, powered me to pursue the hospitality industry. I then launched a world class restaurant which had catering, olive oil and wine production from the surrounding vineyards. Later, I went on to become a Vintner producing 15,000 cases of wine a year, with distribution in 42 states. All of these experiences gives me this dynamic backbone.

What sparked my initial interest in my current field/career?
A decade later I sold the wine label and moved to NYC. Because I had studied design and architecture in college, I started to design and manufacture furniture and opened a showroom. Soon I was not only furnishings client’s condos but also renovating them. I worked closely with the contractors, and they taught me a lot about construction. Today I am lucky to have a renowned builder as a partner, and we construct high-end custom homes under my design and business direction.

The greatest lessons I have learned in my work?
To run your business free from ego and greed. I have seen first- hand too many business-owners fail because their selfpride got in the way of true processes and progressive changes.

Best advice ever given?
Never assume.

SF DESIGN FOR BESPOKE HOMES LV OWNER STACY FALCONE 702.480.2885 stacy@bespokehomeslv.com bepsokehomeslv.com



Combining years of experience in the entertainment business both on and off the stage, Mrs. Stabile is doing more than just producing great shows; she is making a statement! Her mission? Take entertainment to the next level by utilizing innovative ideas, unique people skills, savvy marketing tools, and a desire to do it all with an exceptional commitment to quality, style and professionalism. With a keen intelligence, a watchful eye and open ears, Angela Stabile has done more than just entertain audiences during her 19 years on stage … she’s paid attention! Attention to detail, attention to audiences, attention to marketing and advertising, attention to how trends in entertainment change. She has an amazing capacity for utilizing her unique abilities to produce a top-notch product. One thing is for sure … she’s more than a pretty face!

What makes you a Dynamic Woman?
I’ve been extremely blessed to have it all! An amazing husband Matt who is my business partner as well, awesome children- my daughter Tiffany co-produces our shows and my son Frank is a true rockstar, he is in Slash, featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators. Their new album comes out Sept. 21!

Your life in four words.

How do you stay grounded?
Sundays going to Central Christian church with my family and eating at Ventano’s with my grandson Collin is a weekly tradition.




Tiffany Shapouri is the epitome of a “dynamic woman” in Real Estate. Starting out as a licensed REALTOR® in Nevada, she soon expanded her entrepreneurial pursuit into the global market. Based in Las Vegas and known around the world, Tiffany has broadened her reach by involving herself in various Real Estate Associations such as: The Asian Real Estate Association of America AREAA, the International Real Estate Federation, FIABCI and National Association of Realtors, NAR. Tiffany spends her time working with savvy investors that want maximum return of investment. Her enthusiasm and excitement for the projects she works on, makes it easy for her to attract investors to this city. She attends real estate conferences around the globe networking and promoting Las Vegas developments and redefining a city that never sleeps.

My personal mission statement:
To inspire others with my actions and to be open to people and opportunities.

How do you define Success?
I believe success is when you know what you are doing is helping you and others around you prosper and grow.

What is your passion?
Life is my passion. I am so passionate about being here, traveling, experiencing, learning, growing and reaching my ultimate potential while I am here.

6085 W. Twain Ave. Ste 203, 702.785.2106



Yelena is Las Vegas’ premier real estate agent that specializes in high-end luxury homes and high rise condominiums and penthouses. Her global experience in speaking many different languages has enabled her to have innovative marketing strategies and to think outside the box, making her an expert in this field and setting her apart from the rest. She’s a trusted and driven professional who thinks quickly and creatively, all with her clients’ best interests in mind.

How do you define success?
A successful person is not the one with the most money, but the one with the most joy & peace in his heart. If you love what you do and it feeds your soul and takes care of your family and kids and you have more to share with those around you, then you are truly successful.

What is your passion?
Life is my passion. I love what I do, I love working with people. Everything I do, I do it with passion or I don’t do it at all.

What has been the happiest day of your life so far?
Every time I gave birth to my kids, that was a happiest moment of my life and celebrating it 3 times a year makes me the happiest person ever.

What is the most rewarding part of your career?
Seeing how I helped my clients and they are happy with my work is the most rewarding part. Especially when my clients become my friends.

10100 W Charleston Blvd., Ste 160, 702.738.6306, 702.360.1414, yelena@synergysir.com, yelenabrezhneva.com



Dr. Tozzi grew up in Arizona. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology at Arizona State University. She attended UNLV School Of Dental Medicine and received her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree (DMD). In 2014, Dr. Tozzi opened her dental practice in Henderson focusing on cosmetic dentistry and general dental care. While she enjoys doing cosmetic dentistry and giving her patients the smile of their dreams, she also believes in comprehensive dental care to ensure her patients maintain long-term optimum oral health.

How do you define success?
Success, in my eyes, is having a solid work/life balance. I strive to be the best dental professional that I can be while being a dedicated wife and a present mother.

What is your passion?
I live for transforming someone’s smile. To give a patient that boost of confidence from enhancing his or her smile and seeing their face light upthat’s the best feeling in the world.

What makes you a dynamic woman?
As a clinical professional, a business owner, a wife, and a mother, I wear many hats throughout the day. It’s challenging, but I’m a firm believer that if you aren’t growing, you’re not living. No 2 days are the same in my world and that’s what is so great. Each day is an adventure!

8975 S. Pecos Road Suite 5A, Henderson, 702.945.0501, tozzilv.com

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