Dr. William Rahal Reveals 4 Skincare Trends That Fans Would Love

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 23, 2021 | Sponsored Post

Dr. William Rahal is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has taken the cosmetic industry to a new standard of care and effectiveness.


Putting aside the complicated current political climate, let's review the most significant changes in the skincare world. Sadly, our beauty routines weren't immune to the global pandemic's effects, causing people overnight, to become their own experts.

Dr. William Rahal, who holds a prominent position as a leading cosmetic plastic surgeon in the US, identifies key trends in the ever-changing landscape of aesthetics. He is a respected and board-certified plastic surgeon who operates his business at Beverly Hills. Through his years of experience in the medical field, he is excited to embrace the new skincare trends that he believes will rule 2021.

Dr. William Rahal, known in the industry to provide patient-centric and innovative procedures and treatments, lays out a few skincare trends below.

• Transparent and clean skincare: After the pandemic, people have become much more cautious about what they put on their skin. Surveys have also indicated that skincare brands that are touting ingredient transparency are gaining tremendous popularity. Dr. William Rahal says that this added pressure has caused various companies to work towards more sustainable formulas.

• Blue light protection: Dr. William Rahal says that the industry has seen an increase in demand for advanced blue light protection. Due to increased exposure to the digital world, the blue light that radiates from our screens has been shown to have damaging effects to the skin. In response, many companies are working to discover innovative methods to help people combat these effects.

• Microbiome Skincare: Dr. William Rahal suggests that microbiome skincare will be the most significant trend of 2021, which refers to an ecosystem of living microorganisms on our skin. Companies are developing products that combine probiotics and prebiotics to help achieve a healthy balanced microbiome.

• Cosmetic procedures for Zoom face: Zoom face is a term coined based around the highlighting of facial imperfections highlighted within the unforgiving box of a zoom call; according to Dr. William Rahal, there has been a large influx of requests for procedures to address these concerns like forehead wrinkles, eye bags, crow's feet, etc.

Talking about the above skincare trends, Dr. William Rahal believes it has opened up many people's minds and perspectives and has motivated them to seek help from cosmetic plastic surgeons and experts to help get their desired surgical results.

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