Dr. Bobbi Peterson: Meet the Dentist Behind America's First Black Electric Toothbrush

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 19, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Dr. Bobbi Peterson is the founder of Aces Braces, an orthodontist practice located in Brooklyn. Not only is she one of only three black female orthodontists in this area, but also the only black female orthodontist in New York City who owns the building her practice is based out of.


Dr. Bobbi opened her first practice in 2008, after finishing her residency program. Unfortunately, she was forced to move to three different locations because the rent was constantly being increased, sometimes by $1,000 a month. This experience was truly frustrating, and Dr. Bobbi worked hard so she could afford her own space.

"I believe that, in order to be successful, you have to start something on your own," Dr. Bobbi says. "Yes, it is going to be challenging, but no company will pay you how much you're actually worth. You can only earn as much money as you deserve when you become independent."

Even though Dr. Bobbi is a celebrity orthodontist, her practice strives to provide the community with the highest quality services at affordable prices. Dr. Bobbi and her team are dedicated to excellence in orthodontics and committed to providing a friendly, caring atmosphere.

Dr. Bobbi is also highly skilled in experimental cosmetic dentistry, making her capable of advanced diagnoses in all aspects of dentistry. Once she has completed an exam, she can formulate treatment plans for her patients.

In addition to all the hard work she does at her practice, Dr. Bobbi is constantly looking for a way to improve the lives of her patients and all those in her community. Aces Braces sponsors free orthodontic evaluations on the first Tuesday of the month, and Dr. Bobbi volunteers in community schools and teaches both the students and the staff about the importance of dental health. She also provides free screenings to middle school students.

Also, Dr. Bobbi has designed an innovative, patent-pending battery-operated toothbrush. The product is called "Big Mouth Brush," and it is meant to cut tooth-brushing time in half, potentially. This makes Dr. Bobbi the very first African American to design a battery-operated toothbrush. "I'm so excited about the release of my toothbrush," Dr. Bobbi says. "It's going to be so awesome, and all those who are really into maintaining proper oral hygiene are going to love it!"

While waiting for the Big Mouth Brush to hit the markets, Dr. Bobbi’s patients can enjoy her tooth whitening pen with a unique formula that is incredibly effective yet doesn't damage the teeth. Dr. Bobbi also launched her beauty brand, Oral Fix Beauty, which sells must-have beauty products that every woman needs.

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