Clase Azul Mexico Celebrates New Mezcal at The Vault, Bellagio

By Lauren Stone By Lauren Stone | February 26, 2024 | Food & Drink Sponsored Post

Draped in regional history, Clase Azul Mezcal San Luis Potosi brings the unique flavors of green agave to Las Vegas.

Clase Azul Mexico debuted its new mezcal in Las Vegas at The Vault inside the Bellagio.

From the distinctive flavors to the exquisitely detailed decanters and hand-crafted caps, each of Clase Azul Mexico’s mezcals tells a remarkable story of the region where it’s crafted. The brand’s newest icon pays tribute to San Luis Potosí, a naturally beautiful and culturally rich state in Mexico’s Central Plateau.

Made in Estación Ipiña—a small community where approximately one-fifth of the population is involved in the mezcal-making process—Clase Azul Mezcal San Luis Potosí gets its full-bodied profile from a time-honored regional process, which involves steam cooking agave in vaulted stone ovens, milling in a Chilean mill and double distillation in copper stills.

Guests at The Vault dined on impressive bites like croissants topped with caviar on whipped Yukon gold potatoes.

The green agave used grows around 6,500 feet above sea level in San Luis Potosí’s desert-like slopes, lending itself to a final product that features aromatic notes of caramel, green chile, sweet fruit, freshly cut grass and wildflowers, as well as hints of lime zest and clove, with a mineral and spiced aftertaste.

Along with getting the first taste of Clase Azul Mezcal San Luis Potosi, guests also enjoyed the brand’s two existing mezcals: Clase Azul Mezcal Durango and Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero.

The decanter’s red color pays homage to the Huachichil people, desert nomads of San Luis Potosí who were known to adorn themselves with red dye to emulate the plumage of the finch, a guardian to their tribe. The carvings at the base represent the region’s mountains and plains that these indigenous people called home. Handmade by Mexican artisans, the cap features intricate designs of colored yarn that show the red finch in flight under a starry sky.

Clase Azul Mexico's Melissa Konyha and Joshua Scott. R: The party featured custom cocktails crafted with Clase Azul mezcal.

To celebrate the arrival of Clase Azul Mezcal San Luis Potosi in Las Vegas, lucky guests got a first taste at The Vault in the Bellagio, one of the select hotspots in town to offer the exquisite new mezcal. In addition to enjoying Clase Azul Mezcal San Luis Potosi for the first time, invitees sipped on the brand's two previously released mezcals: Clase Azul Mezcal Durango and Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero.

Other party highlights included a guided tasting by Clase Azul Mexico Luxury Account Manager Melissa Konyha and sumptuous food pairings like shrimp toast, tuna cone, bluefin tuna nigiri, croissant with caviar and whipped Yukon gold potatoes, wagyu sandos and specialty Clase Azul Mezcal-infused chocolates from The Vault.

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Photography by: Courtesy of Al Powers