Carmine's Celebrates 5 Years at The Forum Shops

By Jason Harris | November 14, 2018 | Food & Drink

With so many choices available on the Strip, it’s a big deal to announce a five-year-anniversary milestone at The Forum Shops.


In five years in Vegas, Carmine's has served more than 1.2 million guests. The colossal meatball sliders were added to the menu as an anniversary special.

“When we opened Carmine’s in Las Vegas, it was our first restaurant west of the Mississippi,” says Alicart Restaurant Group CEO Jeffrey Bank. The secret to Carmine’s Italian Restaurant success is this: They rope you in with enormous portions so you think you’re at some novelty eatery. Then you try the food and realize it’s darn good. While many Italian joints in Las Vegas live by the “bigger is better” motto, Carmine’s follows the code that “bigger and better is better.” What’s the point of a boulder-sized meatball if it tastes like an actual boulder? At Carmine’s, these large spheres are soft and take on all the flavor of the red sauce they are simmered in. The restaurant claims to serve Southern Italian cuisine, but anybody who grew up in the tri-state area will recognize this as New York Italian food. Think heaping portions of chicken parmigiana, veal saltimbocca and porterhouse steak pizzaiola. Don’t forget about the pastas, which range from classic lasagna to robust meat ragu. Forum Shops at Caesars, 702-473-9700,

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