Bryan Michael Nolan on How Work-ethic, Integrity, and Networking Define Success.

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | May 6, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

There is no defined algorithm that the universe employs to dish out success and failure to people. Some struggle night and day, hoping for success but never gets to even taste a little of it. Some on the other hand make success looks like child’s play. Serial entrepreneur Bryan Michael Nolan is of the latter kind. Here he shares three ingredients that make his enterprise a successful name is America.


Bryan Michael Nolan rues that ’the phrase work-ethic itself has lost its meaning in modern times. He feels that the hyper-competitiveness of the current age has shaken the many value systems that are the pillars that support society. ‘Being aware of this condition makes me hyper ethical’ he says. Bryan's way of doing business with his partners has brought him many financial setbacks. But these he considers as profits. ‘A good reputation can be ruined in a single thoughtless act.’ he says. This straight-forward approach in business interactions has helped build a healthy community of entrepreneurs in Bryan’s circle. ‘People should be comfortable and not apprehensive when they interact with you. Having a clear, calm, transparent business interaction is half the job done he says.

‘Most people’s concept of integrity is wrong’ says Bryan. According to him ‘Most people think of integrity as plain good behavior. It, however, is beyond just good behavior. A man of integrity is a man well integrated within himself and with the world outside. Bryan’s work routine is rather a harsh one. He has several tasks to perform in a day, leaving very little time for himself. ‘For me, integrity is to keep up my word. Even though the workload is heavy, I can never slack. If I do, then I am not being honest to the shareholders’ says Bryan.

‘Just as how man is a social animal, businesses, too, are dependent on one another’ says Bryan. Being the owner of Royale Society Nightlife, an upmarket entertainment club, Bryan is constantly meeting fellow live-wires across the spectrum – social media influencers to top celebrities. ‘This eco-system naturally breeds collaboration and networking’ says Bryan. ‘My contacts in the industry make the central nervous system of my business’ he says. He believes that in the modern hyper-connected world, collaborations and networking are inevitable and that anyone who is not capitalizing on this advantage is surely missing the bus.

Bryan Michael Nolan’s three ingredients to whip-up success is a good reminder for all young entrepreneurs to keep close to their heart. We wish Bryan more success.

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