Brunch Plans: Old School Elegance at La Cave

—Emma Trotter | August 23, 2012 | Homepage Latest The Latest

1 - Brunch Plans: Old School Elegance at La Cave
Corn flake-crusted brioche French toast

As more and more brunches debut around town, Vegas chefs are feeling the competitive heat. Buffets, Champagne-fueled concepts, and DJ booths certainly fill reservation books, but at La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway—Wynn’s small plates restaurant and wine bar by local restaurateur Michael Morton—there’s a decidedly more old school approach: passed trays, carving carts, and self-service cocktails.

Instead of a buffet, executive chef William DeMarco puts out a small table of starters and circulates trays of tapas at the perfect pace. This way, diners can sample all of the menu items, rather than forking down one huge entrée. Sample bites form the starter table may include three-bean salad, yogurt parfait, couscous salad, and chilled tomato soup, while passed options range from corn flake-crusted brioche French toast to chorizo frittata sliders. Do not let trays bearing La Cave’s famed mushroom grits with truffle oil or veal short rib hash pass you by.

A vintage carving cart once belonging to Morton’s famous father, Arnie, fills the dining room with the scent of beef wellington, tenderloin, and leg of lamb as it makes the rounds. And a build-your-own mojito bar adds to the fun. Wynn Las Vegas, 702-770-7375

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