Benefits of a Standing Desk and How To Choose the Right Kind for You

By: Chris McRae By: Chris McRae | September 9, 2022 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,


Several studies have found that sitting all day is detrimental to your health. However, you may have a job that requires you to sit at a desk for most of the day. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem – the standing desk. Instead of sitting, you can stand while you work. Standing desks may seem like a lot of work at first, but they offer numerous benefits that are well worth the effort.

5 Ways Standing Desks are Good for Your Health

1. They Can Keep You From Gaining Weight

We all know that weight gain is caused by taking in more calories than you burn throughout the day. Standing desks won't replace regular exercise, but they will help you burn more calories while you work. Simply put, standing requires more effort. Dr. Michael Green, Chief Medical Officer at Winona tells us, “Standing at your desk in place of sitting all day can burn about 170 more calories. That's almost two miles of walking you don't have to do each day - just stand up while you work at your standing desk. You burn nearly 1000 more calories per week when you add it all up.

2. They May Reduce Your Back Pain

“Unfortunately, prolonged time sitting at a desk can compress the spine, which can cause pain and worsen any pre-existing back problems.” explains Juan Pablo Cappello, Co-Founder and CEO of Nue Life. “In addition to affecting their posture, prolonged sitting can also cause pain in other areas, such as the neck and shoulders.” Standing desks have been proven to help alleviate back pain in workers. The pain is reduced after a few weeks of standing. However, if you take away the standing desks, the back pain returns. Therefore, a standing desk could be a helpful tool in relieving back pain.

3. They Can Boost Your Energy Levels and Mood

One of the surprising benefits of standing desks is an increase in energy levels. Research shows that standing desk users reported higher levels of energy than those who sat at their desks all day. Other evidence has found that sedentary lifestyles, such as sitting all day, have also been linked to depression. Standing at your desk could help boost your mood along with your energy levels. Jae Pak, Founder of Jae Pak MD Medical says, "When a person is free from the minor aches and pains that sitting in one place for eight plus hours a day causes, they are naturally in a better frame of mind and spirit."

4. You Might Be More Productive

This benefit makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Standing at your desk relieves back pain and boosts energy levels, so it makes sense that you would be able to accomplish more work. "Standing not only gives you a sense of urgency, but it also reduces your tendency to be distracted by social media or other trivial activities," says Jeff Goodwin, Sr. Director, Performance Marketing and E-Commerce at Orgain. "Because standing is associated with action, while sitting is related to relaxing or downtime, standing will help you focus on the tasks at hand." Typing and operating a computer at a standing desk is no more difficult than at a sitting desk. While you can perform your standard tasks just as well as at your normal desk, you will feel better and more productive.

5. Your Lifespan May Increase

One of the most troubling things that research into sitting has found is that it can shorten your lifespan. Indeed, the more you sit, the shorter your life will be. This is bad news for office workers and others who sit at work all day. Fortunately, standing desks are widely available, making it convenient to stand and work. There is no need to sit all day if you don't want to. Furthermore, sit-to-stand desks allow you to alternate between sitting and standing - so you can rest when you need to!

Things to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk

Here are six things to consider when buying a standing desk, which can hopefully help you figure out what to look for in one.

1. Efficiency

Efficiency should be the number one consideration when choosing a standing desk. Why? Originally, standing desks used a hand crank, but nowadays, standing desks are automated. Michael Van, CEO of Furnishr suggests, “When shopping for a standing desk, consider automation. This will save you a lot of trouble.”

2. Pricing

Shaun Price, Head of Customer Acquisition at MitoQ tells us, “Just because something costs hundreds more does not mean it's better than a cheaper desk.” The cost of a standing desk should be included in your standing desk checklist. Knowing what desks are available at both the high and low end can help you make a decision and create a base for what you are willing to spend. Standing desks aren't necessarily better or worse based on their cost; that will be a personal preference.

3. Health Advantages

“Healthier weight, reduced back pain, increased energy and productivity, and increased lifespan are just a few health benefits associated with a standing desk. When choosing a standing desk, health benefits are an important factor to consider.” claims Rym Selmi, Founder of MiiRo. How would you feel if you could work and maintain, if not increase, your health benefits? Standing desks can help you do just that!

4. Functionality

“You sometimes need to sit, stand, and spread out your work,” says Christy Pyrz, Chief Marketing Officer of Paradigm Peptides. “For many potential standing desk buyers who are trying to determine what to consider when buying a standing desk, functionality and productivity are selling features, from the design of the actual desk to the functionality of having multiple monitors as well as still having enough writing space.” Standing desks don't mean sacrificing productivity.

5. Style

Many people assume standing desks are white, dull, and industrial. These are common misconceptions. Something that many people look for in a standing desk is style. The style of a standing desk is an important consideration. “Whether the desktop is made of wood, glass, metal, or any other material, its color and other designs should match the ambiance.” states Susan K. Shaffer, President of Pneuma Nitric Oxide. For example, a dark veneer or laminate is generally preferred for industrial standing desks, whereas a small or large home standing desk can be any light soothing color.

6. Compatibility

It is crucial to consider compatibility when choosing a standing desk. Desk height adjustment affects a desk's usability in several ways, including how easy it is to maneuver the desk up and down with precise control, speed, safety, and long-term durability. Temoer Terry, Partner at The Mommy Care Kit tells us,“Standing desks with adjustable heights are the best option because you can adjust the desk height incrementally and switch between sitting and standing at regular intervals throughout the day.” Choosing a standing desk model that can be adjusted to fit your height is important.

Summing It Up

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or work in a spacious corner office, adding a standing desk is a small change that will make a big difference. It's an excellent investment for your current health and future wellbeing – what's more valuable than that? Adopting healthier habits at work and at home might just improve your life in ways you could never imagine!

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