The Anil Dobani Link: How Influencer Marketing Can Lead to Explosive Business Growth

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 29, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Growth hacking is a term that many businesses use, but few realize what it means. According to Optimizely, growth hacking uses digital-centric, resource-light marketing tactics to grow a business quickly. With brands looking to explode onto the scene and rise in popularity quickly, growth hacking seems like an excellent option. Unfortunately, most businesses don't know the first thing to do to get their business’s growth skyrocketing like this. They could learn a lot from Anil Dobani, a jeweler who has managed to explode into popularity independently.


Anil the Jeweler: Explosive Growth in Jewelry
Anil Dobani is a 24-year-old jewelry marketer on Instagram. Initially, he did marketing on the social media site as an employee of another business, but he demonstrated enough of an aptitude for the industry that, within a few months, competitors came to him to do their own Instagram marketing, and he immediately realized he had a good thing going. If he simply settled for this, he wouldn't be as large of a success as he is today. “I wanted more,” Anil notes, “and the only way I could see of getting it would be building my own brand.” His Instagram followers increased over a short space of time, partially because of his posts' quality and partly because of how he engaged consumers on their own posts.
“The client’s vision is the core of my design philosophy,” Anil says. Each piece will be customized to meet the buyer's needs and delivered with little fuss. This ease of selling and quick interaction has made him the go-to seller for many of his followers, and through their posts, he came to the attention of several notable personalities within the NFL and NBA. Before long, he was the preferred jeweler for these individuals, leveraging their millions of followers to drive more of his business. Genuine marketing is how Anil managed to start his brand's growth. By staying true to his vision and keeping up with his customers, he can ensure repeat business from them.

Using Customers as Micro-Influencers
Many brands set out to pay for influencers, and while this is a viable strategy, it's important to note that a business can't possibly calculate the ROI that stems from an influencer. So is influencer marketing not worth it for a brand? On the contrary; it may be one of the most vital areas for a small business to look into. It's not just the followers on the brand’s own page that count, though. It's also the people who use the brand regularly; these individuals are known as "Brand Evangelists." These brand evangelists are responsible for spreading the news about a product because they're genuinely excited about what they offer to the consumer. It's through this type of marketing that Anil has managed to secure so many other customers.

Using the Influence of Influencers
Social media is all about looking good. From Instagram to Twitter and even to Facebook, people love to show off and let others see how well they're doing, and brands can leverage this to drive their own business. Proper social media interactions can guide potential buyers from a person who's using the brand's products right to the company's page for purchase. However, it takes a lot of work to get to the point of having brand evangelists. Brands should strive to ensure they get there, to make the most out of their social media pages.

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