Abdullah Mehmood - COVID-19 Has Brought Live Entertainment Avenues to a Grinding Halt

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 21, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

On March 11, 2020, the entertainment industry went off script. That evening marked the onset of COVID-19 and played out like a fiasco movie written by some terrible Hollywood writer. Abdullah Mehmood provides valuable insights into the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the entertainment sector. Let’s delve.


Abdullah Mehmood backs it up to the evening of March 11, 2020, when two major events set off shockwaves across the entertainment industry. One was the United States’ president declaring a ban on European travel, and the second was actor Tom Hanks tweeting from a cinema set that he had tested positive for Coronavirus! As a result, thousands of television and film production companies came to a grinding halt.

Abdullah Mehmood says almost one year from the onset of Coronavirus, things are still dicey. Abdullah Mehmood shares that while many theatres, theme parks, and live entertainment spaces remain shut as per Government guidelines, those permitted to open are seeing little to no footfall whatsoever. Abdullah Mehmood expresses that at least a disaster movie ends with a resolution after two hours, but the stark reality for the entertainment industry is a rather long duration of triage. The entertainment industry is also contemplating how the new normal would actually be. Abdullah Mehmood explains, “Entertainment sector leans heavily on constructive consumer sentiment as well as social dynamism. So when a disruption of this scale occurs, which forces people to stay indoors — whether by choice or by the norm — it is an existential challenge for the entertainment industry.”

Abdullah Mehmood shares yet another important insight. He says that even after people in the entertainment industry start to rehire thousands of those who have lost their jobs, the grave repercussions of COVID-19 will impact how much a consumer is willing to dole out for entertainment options like live performances and cinema.

Abdullah Mehmood points out that while COVID-19 has brought live entertainment avenues to a grinding halt, the streaming arm of the entertainment industry is witnessing a huge spike — courtesy of streaming organizations like Netflix and Spotify coming up with unique, innovative solutions to entertain people during the lockdown.

Abdullah Mehmood is a renowned musician. He started his thriving career by making funny and engaging videos for social media. After getting unprecedented success and fandom on YouTube, he entered the music industry to follow his passion for music. In a recent post, Abdullah announced his plans of releasing a music album, Dynamite.

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