A Show of Hands

By Jenn Thornton By Jenn Thornton | December 8, 2021 | Watches & Jewelry, Style & Beauty, Feature, Sponsored Post,

In refurbishing its upscale boutiques to better showcase its world-class array of precision timepieces, Bellusso is shining anew.


LV Luxury Holdings is of the precious, and the few. Precious, being the absolute finest in luxury timepieces and jewelry in Las Vegas, and few Ezra and Alan Bekhor, the father and son behind the family business that now is a powerhouse brand with a radiant track record and a reputation to match. With five showcase locations along Las Vegas Boulevard—the only family-operated jewelry operation on the Strip—and partnerships with 30 leading luxury brands, LV Luxury is a jewel in the crown of all that glitters in Sin City.

That nothing quite outshines the city’s top-rated jeweler is foremost a credit to the Bekhors—Ezra founded the company and Alan is its current president and COO. Today both Bekhors make their home in Las Vegas, a city they love and engage—never more stunningly than with ceremonial jewelry, fashion pieces and impeccably crafted Swiss timepieces that tick every box of exceptional. The feeling is clearly mutual. LV Luxury Holdings is a standing date among admirers and collectors of premium pieces. In this, the company’s success is dazzling. So too are its “Holdings,” which reflect the company as both a testament and tribute to the “Maître d'art of haute horlogerie and haute joaillerie.” Elegantly styled and expertly staffed, each LV Luxury showroom—including LV Luxury Jewelers in The Shops at Crystals, Van Cleef & Arpels at The Forum Shops at Caesars, and Bellusso at The Palazzo—is an exclusive, high-touch environment operated in accordance with the company’s mission statement: “creating unforgettable memories and timeless relationships through watches and jewelry.”


With this in mind, the revamped 3,000-square-foot Bellusso will cater to watch connoisseurs with a lustrous remodeling to include five boutiques and one salon representing prestigious Richemont luxury brands. Along with Cartier, these names—A. Lange & Sohne, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre, Paneri and Vacheron Constantin (the latter of which will remain open during the remodel)—need no introduction, as each brand is a purveyor of some of the world’s most highly prized timepieces. Renovating these spaces is poised to make Bellusso, and its parent company LV Luxury Holdings, the brand of the hour in Las Vegas.

It might not have been had the Bekhors not used the downtime brought on by the pandemic to reimagine Bellusso and, more broadly, the business. Core to the discussion: “How can we elevate the game plan for another 20 years?” shares Alan, noting the company’s local focus, from its clientele, to sponsoring community events (including the Shriner’s Open, a PGA golf tournament, Keep Memory Alive and more involvements), to supporting local business. “We're one of the few, if not the only, family luxury jewelry business operating on the Vegas Strip,” Alan says. “The rest are company-owned.” A generational business dealing in heirloom timepieces is a marked difference in not only how the Bekhors do business, but why, and this translates to what they ultimately sees as most valuable—the experience. “We really get to know the client, their collection and what they are looking for,” Alan explains. “How do they envision wearing a certain piece? It is a celebration of the moment, so we always try to use the resources we have around us to make the experience memorable for clients and for us, as well.” (Like, say, calling on Wolfgang Puck’s eatery Cut across the way to deliver champagne and delicacies should a client desire.)


With the exception of Vacheron Constantin, which will remain open throughout the remodel, Bellusso will shut its doors in November for an estimated three to four months. Expect each of the store’s individual boutiques, and the ambience within, to reflect its respective brand, showcasing its finishes and replicating its feel so that one is certain that they are in an IWC store or a Cartier salon. “You will enter the world of that brand” and be granted access to its coveted, hard-to-get, boutique-only pieces. Particularly nice, Alan notes, is the visibility into the space. Boutiques are shallow, just 10- to 15-feet deep in certain areas, for more intimate engagement between brand and client. “Imagine an upscale row of European boutiques where you walk down like a boulevard, look up and see some of the very best watch brands in the world,” he describes.

The renovation represents a broader rethink by consumers who are, Alan observes, eager are to make big purchases with more meaning. “What better gift is there than a piece handed down from generation to generation? Something on your wrist that you look at every single day?” he asks. “If there's anything we were taught, it is to live life to the fullest. People are spending on themselves to feel better and enjoy life. They appreciate time more than ever now, and the moments we can never get back.”

The world is emerging from a remarkable period, again reminding us to make every second count. The emotional investment, the appreciation for what is of most value, is resonating anew. For Bellusso, time is always of the essence. lvluxuryjewelers.com

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