A Juicer's Paradise

—Emma Trotter | August 6, 2012 | Homepage Latest The Latest

1 - A Juicer's Paradise

One of the most popular gyms in town, Las Vegas Athletic Club attracts members that range from hardcore athletes to health freaks to workout fanatics. To refuel after a workout, many members hit the club’s popular juice bar, which has just upped the ante by adding a new signature juice menu ($5.99 each) with six different options.

Capitalizing on the fresh juice trend that’s been sweeping the city, the recipes were created by local certified holistic health counselor and natural foods chef Tina Leigh, founder and owner of Haute Health. Available at all five LVAC locations citywide, the juices are made from organic fruits and vegetables. According to Leigh, juicing is the most beneficial way of getting the maximum amount of nutrients out of fresh produce. When raw, the enzymes, fibers, and vitamin and mineral content are all still high and intact, unlike after cooking.

Ingredients in the new juices include carrots, kale, garlic, beets, cilantro, pineapple, mint, jalapeño, and much, much more. The Veggie Blast mix provides a day’s worth of antioxidants and vegetables, while the So Long Hangover re-hydrates and detoxifies the body after a long Vegas night. For a blast of energy, pick the Brave & the Bold, or try the metabolism-boosting Haute’e.

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