How do you keep pace with a party-packed Vegas lifestyle without burning out? Vegas Editor-in-Chief Andrea Bennett seeks out the healthy indulgences, insider finds, and desert beauty tricks that help you balance Vegas’s unique climate, nightlife culture, and fabulous temptations. (Hint: It’s not all yoga and kombucha here.)

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How to #DressLikeAWoman

Yet another thing to love about Vegas: For a really, really long time, we’ve been living by the same rules that only recently went viral on Instagram (courtesy of @BethRader). Namely: “How to #DressLikeAWoman: Step 1: Be a woman Step 2. Put on whatever clothes you damn well please Congratulations, you did it.”


Inside One Drop

I defy anyone to find a better place to let your freak flag fly than Las Vegas, and if you’re the type of buttoned up conservative who doesn’t regularly cavort with bearded ladies or canoodle with a zebra-man, first of all, what’s wrong with you? Second, you get permission to do those things and dress as crazy glam as you’d like each year in the early spring, when One Night for One Drop arrives.


Where We'll All Be Lunching on March 10th

Don’t schedule anything else on the day of the Nathan Adelson Flair for Care Fashion Show.


Now You Can Buy Céline Dion!

Is there anything that makes us happier than a radiant Céline Dion? Not unless it’s a radiant Céline slaying in thigh-high red Schiaparelli boots and “La Flèche d’Argent” haute couture romper from S/S 17 and announcing that we can now buy things with Céline Dion’s name on them.


3 Must-Have Beauty Products Our EIC Uses & Loves

Listen, I’m never going to be one of those infuriating people who claim to wash with Dove and zip out the door. I need an arsenal of calming, moisturizing—and above all, totally natural, sulfate- and paraben-free stuff to keep the climate and my sensitive genes at bay.


In With the New at Aureole

Las Vegas’s beloved new American steakhouse gets a modern rethink. Our editor reveals her hits.


Inside Ultimo-A Weekend of Excellence

Vegas Editor-in-Chief Andrea Bennett chats about Ultimo—A Weekend of Excellence.


Play With Your Food!

There is a magical way to distract yourself from an awkward date, stop the whining of small children, and reap the therapeutic benefits of puttering around your kitchen without the inconvenience of cleaning it later. And that, of course, is go to a restaurant where you’re cooking dinner yourself. “Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of being served?” you might ask. In fact, service is usually stellar at the most dynamic DIY places, since their primary job is saving you from yourself. For the past few of weeks, I’ve been dining DIY—around some of the city’s Korean barbecues, shabu-shabu spots, and yes, even '90s-era fondue chains. Here’s a pared-down selection of my recent favorites.


Vegas Holiday Gift Combos FTW!

You may be an amazing gift-giver, but my annual holiday challenge is this: How can I give a gift that requires minimal effort while maintaining the illusion that my thoughtfulness knows no bounds? This year, I’m giving only-in-Vegas gift combos: An item that’s great by itself under the tree matched with an amazing Vegas experience. Here’s how I’m catapulting myself from gift-giving zero to hero this year.


RH Las Vegas Opens!

No, RH Las Vegas is no mere furniture store; it’s a massive, 60,000 square foot manor of epic proportions—the size of Hearst Castle, in fact—and it seemed like everyone in Las Vegas converged on the place for its fabulous grand opening.


Can't-Miss Ethnic Vegan & Vegetarian Eats in Vegas

Vegan banh mi from a drive-thru? Yes, please! I’m not strictly vegetarian, but I like eating a plant-based diet, and I love a chef who’s skilled enough to convince me that fried bean curd is actually crispy beef.

Feet First! Our EIC's Go-To Vegas Reflexology Spots

Anytime is the right time to check in to one of the city’s many foot massage places.


Linq's High Roller Offers Yoga 550 Feet Up

Acrophobia sufferer finds peace on the world's highest ferris wheel.


Detox Week!

Las Vegas has so many creative ways to toxify yourself, it’s only fitting we have as many creative ways to heal. Our editor tried a few last week.


Andrea Dishes on Her Favorite Oyster Happy Hours

 To celebrate National Oyster Day, we visited four favorites in four days.


The Week in Salads

Focused on the Las Vegas party circuit? According to our editor, you risk missing our wild and crazy…salads.