5 Ways to Elevate Your New Year With Avión Tequila

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There’s a reason many people enjoy a festive night-in on New Year’s Eve: You don’t have to leave home to have a good time. Instead of bopping around the bustling city on a busy night, why not invite friends over for a celebratory countdown? From party games to the perfect ball drop playlist and midnight toast, here are five ways to make a special NYE night-in feel decadent for you and your guests (21+).

Make a Batch Cocktail


A host on their feet can keep the party lively and enjoy more quality time with guests by preparing a batch cocktail ahead of time. Any cocktail recipe can be scaled up to match your guest list through simple multiplication. Choose your fruity base, liquor of choice such as Avión Reserva Cristalino Tequila, and additional flavors for a delectable winter-styled punch. With layered flavors of citrus, oak, vanilla and nuttiness, this crystal-clear aged tequila can be sipped on the rocks by discerning guests or enjoyed in your elevated batch cocktail. Those who prefer a darker, richer liquid can opt for Avión Reserva 44 instead, which is aged to perfection for at least 36 months in American Bourbon barrels and infused with luscious fruits, vanilla and spices.

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Pull Out the Party Games

Keep spirits high with a variety of party games. All you need is a deck of cards to challenge your guests in a round of gin rummy, blackjack or poker.

Watch a NYE Flick

A few films are the epitome of a picture-perfect New Year. Whether you’re couples ready to watch a classic romance or a friend group looking for an action-packed adventure, pick a flick to match the vibe and close out the year.

Indulge in Appetizers

Skip the cooking for make-ahead, bite-sized apps. Or make it even easier by ordering ahead at your local grocery store (don’t forget dessert). From charcuterie boards and fondue to savory skewers and dips, the feasting will surely last all night.

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Dance the Night Away

Music is the backdrop of any celebratory occasion. Consider pre-planning a “ball drop” playlist of sing-along tunes, so a spontaneous living room dance party is sure to break out before the stroke of twelve.


A Midnight Toast

Toast the new year in style by skipping the bubbly for an elevated glass of Avión Reserva Cristalino Tequila on the rocks. An innovative blend of the finest 12-month-old añejo with a touch of 3-year-old extra añejo, this masterful tequila showcases the bright earthiness of its agave with every smooth sip.

To raise a glass with Avión Reserva Cristalino Tequila or any of the brand’s other expressions this New Year’s Eve, visit tequilaavion.com.

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