Wrist Envy: Hermès Bangles

March 05, 2012 | Homepage

Make no mistake: Spring 2012 is the season of the bangle. Spotted on a plethora of runways, it’s the piece you can apply to almost every trend of the season, from bold color blocking to tribal and textural, and makes a fantastic statement when mixed and piled on. Hermès in particular has refined the mix-and-match philosophy of its enamel bangles to an artful degree. First introduced by the house in 1980, a variety of patterns and colorations debut each season. For spring, as seen here, the geometric Clous en Trompe L’oeil and the militaryinspired Brandebourgs, in widths from .2 to 2.3 inches, mix effortlessly, thanks to uniform color palettes seen also among the label’s iconic silk carres. Las Vegas now boasts a trio of Hermès boutiques—at Encore, Crystals at CityCenter, and the latest at Bellagio, which is designed specifically for such “grab and go” accessories as the enamel bracelets. After all, Vegas is a town built on the notion of mixing trend with timeless style, a lovely concept to apply to one’s spring fashion choices as well. Assorted printed enamel bracelets in Clous en Trompe L’oeil and Brandebourgs patterns, Hermès ($430 to $660 each). Bellagio, 702-866-2629

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