FROM TOP: Butterfly bracelet with diamonds in platinum ($175,000); Enchant diamond bracelet with tanzanites, Montana sapphires, and tsavorites (priceon request); and Ellipse diamond bracelet in platinum ($215,000), all by Tiffany & Co. Bellagio, 702-697-5400

Tiffany & Co. has enjoyed a dazzling year as the storied jeweler winds down the celebration of its 175th anniversary, and this month in Las Vegas is no exception. A complete redesign was recently unveiled at its Bellagio boutique, a 5,925-square-foot space that honors the codes of the house. The interior’s color palette is an homage to that iconic Tiffany Blue, while the carpet’s dragonfly design is meant to evoke the famous stained-glass work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of founder Charles Lewis Tiffany. It’s a fitting environment for show stopping pieces such as the diamond bracelets seen here, examples of both the house’s commitment to craft over the past 175 years and the ways in which Tiffany & Co. quite simply changed the global jewelry market. The center Enchant bracelet, splashed with tanzanites and tsavorites, for example? Both are gemstones introduced by Tiffany & Co., which embraced colored stones long before such a notion was mainstream. Mixing color with the brilliance of white diamonds: That’s an idea that fits right at home in Las Vegas.

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