Men checking into Vdara Hotel & Spa at CityCenter may find themselves drawn to the suits worn by front-desk employees or the digitally printed shirts of the bartenders at Aria Resort & Casino’s Skybox Sports Bar and Grill, especially if pieces by Jhane Barnes already reside in their closets.

“Anyone who knows my work or wears my clothes, as soon as they walk into the hotel, they’ll know it’s mine,” says the designer, who is perhaps best known for the precision-intensive patterns she often bases on mathematical equations. But rather than go to her preexisting collections for CityCenter’s uniforms, Barnes built these from scratch, combining her aesthetic with CityCenter’s unique visuals.

As CityCenter had been awarded six LEED Gold certifications for environmental design, Barnes also wanted to go green. Cottons and lightweight wools were largely employed, as was a digital-printing process long favored by the designer that uses a fraction of the water and energy of conventional screen printing. When the durability of polyester was required for, say, convention-space staffers, Barnes trekked to Japan to seek out an innovative process of recycling that fabric.

And if a design was nixed? “In a few cases, it went into my fashion line,” she notes. “Some of the stuff was so cool, if it didn’t work for [CityCenter’s] purposes, we thought, We should hang on to this idea for ourselves.” Sounds like Barnes has indeed put recycling to good use.

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