Appearing on the most recent runways of some of fashion’s biggest players, including Alexander McQueen, Alberta Ferretti, Balenciaga, and Vera Wang, lace has long been considered a symbol of superior sophistication and aristocratic wealth. As early as the 16th century, the diaphanous fabric decorated the garments of European royalty, and elite society members once lavishly wove it from real gold and silver threads, the metallic sheen intended to attract attention to its fine quality. Deconstructing the fabric’s elaborate pattern and applying it to the jeweler’s own area of expertise, Graff set out to merge the sensuality of lace with the elegance of diamonds, ultimately revealing the GraffLace. Showcasing rows of lustrous white diamonds linked together by elaborate prongs, the romantic wristwatch features an intricate band made of 180 round and fancy white cut diamonds bound by a polished white gold. Nestled in the center, a Swiss-made timepiece with an additional 104 round diamonds completes the magnificent accessory, which Dorothy Flagler, manager of the Las Vegas Graff Salon, adds, “isn’t just an exquisite example of Graff’s expertise in the art of haute horlogerie, but a distinguished illustration of unique diamond design and impeccable craftsmanship. The GraffLace is an elegant piece for a memorable night out on the town.” Seeming to capture the glamorous spirit of Las Vegas flawlessly, the watch evinces an aura of utmost sophistication and alluring fantasy at once. Limited to a set of 10, the jeweler’s Las Vegas boutique will be the only location in the US to receive one of the exquisite timepieces, making it a one-of-a-kind accessory truly worth treasuring. Wynn Las Vegas, 702-770-3494;

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